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NRG Facerest Cover Single - $10 Each (Pick up) or $15 (Shipped)
Brand New NRG Vinyl Headrest Barrier.

Protect your headrest with this barrier. Also able to reuse to reduce waste with disposable face cradle covers.

Simply spray / wipe and go. Easy to clean.
Disposable Face Cradle Covers - $20 Each Pack
Brand New 50 Count Pack of Disposable Face Cradle Covers
New Cotton Headrest Covers - $10 Each
Brand New Blue Cotton Headrest Covers.

$5/Each or (3) for $10.
New Head Rest Pad - $25
Brand New Oakworks Purple Head Rest Pad.
Massage Desk Topper - $70 Each
Band New Massage Desk Topper with Multi Positional Head Rest. Comes Brand New In The Box.
Grasshopper Massage Chair - $100 Each
Brand New Custom Grasshopper Massage Chair. Comes with unique tray for cup holder and arm rest.

Comes complete with sternum pad, arm rest pad, cup holder and tray (which can be removed back to original arm rest), adjustable head rest, and carrying bag.

These are new in the bag. Valued at $150.
Stronglite Table Carrying Case - $30 Each
Brand New 30" Stronglite Massage Table Carrying Bag.

$30 Each.
Massage Table Arm Sling - $10 Each (Pick up) or $20 (Shipped)
Brand New Massage Table Arm Sling.

Clients can hang their arms in front of your massage table with this arm sling that attaches to your head rest.

These also make great sneeze, cough, and drool guards for your floor as it attaches directly under the headrest to catch it all.

Simply spray / wipe and go. Easy to clean.
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