Areas of Speciality


  • Fusion Masage

    • Swedish & Deep Tissue Treatment Combined.  Using all skills and knowledge within one massage session.

  • Sports Massage

    • Emphasis on: Glove Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Strength Training, Boot Camp Core and Cardio Conditioning, Stretching (Flexibility), Rehabilitation, Running, and Swimming

  • Infant / Child Massage Certified

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association  - Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)

  • Specialized In Rotator Cuff (Shoulder Injuries)

  • Specialized in Trigger Point Therapy

  • Specialized in Asian Thai Stretching

  • Continuing Education (CE) Instructor

  • Certified Functional Fitness Specialist (FSS)

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Technician (CKTT)

  • Certified Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)

Booking Hours

MONDAY        10:30 AM to 8:00 PM

WEDNESDAY  10:30 AM to 8:00 PM

THURSDAY     10:30 AM to 8:00 PM

SATURDAY     10:00 AM to 4:00 PM





60 Minute Massage   

  • Regular Rate                      

  • First Time Rate                  


90 Minute Massage   

  • Regular Rate                     

  • First Time Rate                  


60 Minute (3) Pack        

(May be used as gift certificates)

90 Minute (3) Pack      

(May be used as gift certificates)



$20 To Purchase a Roll   

  • Purchase a roll of KT Tape

  • Includes (1) Free Taping     

  • $5 per an additional taping area using same roll                   


$10 Per a Taping

We use our tape and tape an area     

$5 Per a Taping         

Bring your own roll and we tape an area using your tape  



Single Session              

  • Free Assessment Consultation

  • Workout for up to 40 Minutes

  • Sports Massage up to 15 Minutes after workout


Total Cost:

  • $40 / Session

Total Session Time:

  • 60 Minutes

Monthly Session Pack              

  • Free Assessment Consultation

  • Workout for up to 45 Minutes

  • Sports Massage up to 15 Minutes after workout

  • 1x Week for 1 Month OR 1x Every Other Week for 1 Month

Total Cost:

  • $40 / Session

  • (Ex: 4 weeks in month = $160 / Month)

  • (EX: 2 weeks in month = $80 / Month)

Total Each Session Time:

  • 60 Minutes





$   90

$   80

$ 120

$ 100

$ 240

$ 300






$   50






$  40

Todd has a strong Kinesiology and athletic background that allows him to be one of the top Northwest Therapists and Trainers.


While attending Puyallup High School he created the after school Sociology Club to research and improve the surroundings in the community.  He was also apart of the Vision Test Program for the school and a runner for Cross Country and Track & Field.  Once he graduated from PHS he went to Washington State University to continue his Sociology path. 


While attending WSU he became a Sports Official for Football, Volleyball, and Softball.  As well as a Physical Education Instructor for Conditioning, Running, Weight Lifting, and Racquetball.


He graduated in 2001 with a BA in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Sociology (Research & Development - R&D), Women Studies (History), and Human Development along with a Minor in Sociology (R&D) and Psychology (Family Systems).  While attending his Senior Year at WSU, he began to provide massages for his friends during finals week and helping them relax during their stressful times.


Todd was going to continue on to become a teacher at Eastern University the fall of 2002, but the program was full, therefore he begin his massage career at Ashmead College.


Even throughout his schooling he became a tutor at the beginning for Kinesiology and Massage Practice where he helped other students make the required grades to continue in the program and to become better practitioners. During his last term of school he attended the Sports Massage Internship where he found his true calling. Once graduating in 2003 with his Diploma he began his Massage Career as the owner of Skilled Handz Massage.  He also stayed at the school and became an Assistant Clinic Supervisor, Kinesiology Teacher Assistant, Sports Massage Internship Teacher Assistant, and Tutor.


1 year later where he became a full-time Massage Clinic Instructor, Sports Massage Internship Instructor, and Kinesiology Instructor.  In 2005 he was apart of the first students at Ashmead College for the Fitness Trainer Program where he attended as a student during the morning and worked as an instructor during the evening.  He graduated with another Diploma from Ashmead College in 2006, when got Certified under NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) and became a Fitness Trainer Internship Instructor, Kinesiology Instructor for Fitness, and Fitness Programing Instructor.


In 2008, Ashmead College was bought out by Everest College and the Fitness Trainer Program Ended and Todd stayed on to work in the Massage Department.  He created an evening Sports Massage Internship to allow those who took evening classes to be able to take the Internship as well.  He held the Internship at Evolution Mixed Martial Arts & 21st Century Boxing Club in Tacoma.  It was there where he entered the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  He started to help the athletes at the gym with the internship.


On November 1, 2009 he became the Co-Owner of Elite Massage Professionals (a company that was specific for Sports Massage and improving an athletes skills and abilities with Elite Sports Massage Techniques).  With his partner they started to massage at the local BJJ Tournament (Revolution) and began to build their company name and getting requests from several other gyms that wanted Sports Massage in their gyms.


By 2010, Elite Massage Professionals (EMP) was doing well with 9 separate gyms locations, 1 MDA Sponsorship, 1 continuous Revolution BJJ Tournament, 1 Football Team (PDFL - Seattle-Tacoma Cobras) and an annual massage event at Pierce College to massage during finals week. He reduced his time teaching to only the Evening Sports Massage Internship at Everest College to focus on his own businesses.  As things progressed so did a disagreement within the partnership and as of August 19, 2011, Todd became the Sole Owner of Elite Massage Professionals.


On October 31, 2011 (Halloween), he was let go from Everest College and they shut down the Evening Sports Massage Internship.  This loss made Todd focus primarily on his businesses and on September 1, 2012 he merged Skilled Handz Massage with Elite Massage Professionals.


In 2013 most of the gyms began to bring in their own massage therapists which pushed out EMP therapists.  Along with this, therapists were moving and kept changing their schedules.  Therefore Todd was forced to stop all affiliations and regroup and focus on his primary location at the office and to start slowing on his own.


Continuing with his affiliation with Revolution BJJ Tournament, he started slowly with a local gym once a month (Battleground MMA / Black Belt USA) in Lakewood.  There he gained his first Sponsored Athlete, MMA Fighter JD Bezerker Burns.  He also gained the trust of the Revolution's owners and the gym they attended in Enumclaw (Combat Sport & Fitness) which is owned by Veteran UFC Fighter Jeff Hougland.  He began to massage at that location every other Tuesday.  By doing so he gain his second Sponsored Athlete, MMA Fighter Sean Williams.


Since then he has gained affiliations with other Sports Massage Teams which has worked with bicyclist, runners, Nintendo and EBay.  Todd has worked at the 2015 USGA US Open, has an annual booth at Duck Daze in University Place, and at the King County Fair in Enumclaw, along with other Sports Affiliations and Events.


Todd has helped many of people.  He has people travel from across the bridge, from Seattle, and when visiting from Spokane and other regions to come to his office to work on them.  He has save a person from amputating his foot and helped someone regain their speed walking skills after an ankle injury.  His Kinesiology background provides him with the skills that gives him a specialization in shoulders, hips, and knees and in Sports Massage Therapy.  He also teachings Continuing Education Classes to the public and other therapists.


Todd continues to build his company Elite Massage Professionals in University Place. In October 2015 he gained two other Licensed Massage Practitioners (LMP), Sports Massage Therapist (SMT), one Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and one It Works Body Distributor. 


On January 30, 2016 he expanded once again with the Grand Opening of Elite Massage & Fitness and take the entire E Suite at his current location in University Place.


Todd has the determination, knowledge, and experience to assist you in finding the best possible solution to reach your massage and fitness goals.


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